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Zen and the art of locomotive maintenance

I got home yesterday lunchtime after an epic West Coast rail journey from San Diego to Vancouver. I’ve been to La Jolla once every six months or so since July 2009 to meet with collaborators, and every time I’ve gone … Continue reading

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Signs of tampering

In the internet age, anyone can have their say on anything; news articles, blog posts, YouTube videos, politicians’ Facebook pages and pretty much everything else you can find online all have comment sections. Last week, however, the most striking examples … Continue reading

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Feeding the Science Tamagotchi

It started during my undergrad research project. “I have to go into the lab tomorrow morning to feed all my cells, so I can’t stay out too late tonight or have a hangover tomorrow”, I’d say. After comments along the … Continue reading

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What happens in Vegas…

…gets blogged within a week. I’d been to Vegas once before but I was 17 and with my parents, so it doesn’t count. We were only there as a base for the Canyons (Grand, Bryce and Zion), and didn’t know … Continue reading

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Time travelling to reach you

If time travel is supposedly impossible now, how did a podcast just send me back in time by more than a decade? I listen to various music podcasts at work, and this morning I selected a 2009 episode of “Y-Pod: … Continue reading

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Geek tourism

I’m back, and ready to lightly and cheerily distract people from their woes! We had a great time in England – in fact, it was our most fun visit EVAH! I’m not quite sure why it was better than previous … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, Friday!

Yesterday was Thursday! Tomorrow is Saturday! And Sunday comes afterwards! (Lyrics courtesy of a strong contender for The Worst Song Of All Time: I’m so happy about today’s events (more on that later) that I no longer feel depressed … Continue reading

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Normal service will be resumed in March

CIHR grant deadline time is such fun! Especially when half the PIs on the two grants you’re working on are out of the country, in timezones that severely hamper communication, and half of the rest are freaking out because their … Continue reading

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The scope of horoscope horror

My friendly local morning news team are discussing horoscopes today. This is, unfortunately, nothing new; I had to change the channel on New Year’s Day because their guest astrologer was doing my head in with her “Scorpios will come into … Continue reading

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Book ’em!

Well, the bookcase Mr E Man got me for Christmas may not have been a surprise, but it sure is awesome! Before: + During: (She also hopped into the dresser while I was emptying it, but I didn’t manage to … Continue reading

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