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Informal Science

While I feel compelled to address various “weighty” issues in science, after a long year (well really, they’re all the same except for leap-years, but it feels like it)—I think I will opt for the lighter side at this time. … Continue reading

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The Age of Reason

Inevitably, it happens to us all. Some of us succumb quietly, with crow’s feet pulling on the corners of their eyes and ‘love handles’ attaching to our midsections. Others put up a valiant battle, sweating in the gym and avoiding … Continue reading

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Early exposure to skeptical thinking: navigating the chicken and egg syndrome

I live in the midwest area of the United States, where sidewalks in neighborhoods are a luxury, and you are a “nobody” if you don’t own a car. Or two. And a pickup truck—the bigger the better. Cars and driving … Continue reading

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