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A roller coaster week…

I am not usually one to walk around with a big grin on my face on Friday, glad to bid good-bye to the week at hand. No, I enjoy my work (most of the time), just as I enjoy the … Continue reading

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Who says scientists aren’t creative?

One of the things that people tends to think about scientists is that we are all machine-like robots who are technically advanced, but without an ounce (or gram) of creativeness. I’m planning in this brief blog to dispel this criticism … Continue reading

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Interpreting Reference Letters–Lost in Translation?

As a principal investigator, or PI, one of the tasks that I am consistently faced with is “interpretation.” How so? Well obviously, my job revolves around interpreting data and trying to understand if experiments done by my students and co-workers … Continue reading

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If these data were in a grant, it wouldn’t be funded

Harping on my chronic lack of time this month due to a hectic schedule, I am going to post a quick laconic blog featuring a little something that I noticed in the freezer. I stay away from these frozen ice … Continue reading

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