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In need of a distraction

I am in desperate need of some light and cheery distraction (where’s Cath when I need her?!). For the second time in the past four months I am suffering from some kind of ergonomic misery that I seem to have … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it?

Ever wonder what the effect of technology is on our developing brains? This is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time now. I recently put some of these thoughts into words in my blog entitled: “PhD survival: is … Continue reading

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A shocking business

Some recent repairs that we had done on our home, coupled with Henry’s recent post “Build” led me to recall an odd event that occurred in my home some years ago. We were new in the city of Omaha, and … Continue reading

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Don’t underestimate the enemy

Don’t mistake me–I am all for promoting the wonders of science and scientific research–you will be hard pressed to find a better advocate than me. And after all, there is a growing awareness among scientists that research should be translated … Continue reading

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Ph.D. survival: is a jack of all trades a master of none?

Over the years science has changed a great deal. In just the last 50 years or so we’ve seen a major revolution in scientific research, due primarily to our understanding of DNA and ultimately how it codes for protein. But … Continue reading

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