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My fair book

Yesterday afternoon I participated in the Omaha Public Library’s annual author fair, featuring (mostly) local authors and their books. The highlight, of course, was my own table featuring the “new genre of Lab Lit” and my 3 modest contributions to … Continue reading

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Lab Lit on the map!

A couple weeks ago I traveled to Purdue University to deliver 2 seminars. The first one, the “original invitation” was from the Dept. of Biology and was entitled “Lessons on the Biogenesis of Tubular Recycling Endosomes.” The second one, if … Continue reading

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A week of betrayal

Winter has finally arrived here in Nebraska; from mid-50 degree F weather just a few days ago, we hit a chilly low of 1 degree F early this morning. Even some of the local youth actually abandoned their gym shorts … Continue reading

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My Life in Nebraska

Years ago, when I still permitted myself a very tiny slice of time for television, I enjoyed the antics of Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer in the British comedy series, “As Time Goes By.” In particular, I wholly identified with … Continue reading

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If you think you are sick of me now…

I will write about topics that are dear to me, that  have meaning. I promise. But not until the following blog. For now, those of you who dare click to read-on, will have to endure tales of my most recent … Continue reading

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More on creative self-promotion…

Shameless. Simply shameless. But last chance for 2012…. Matter Over Mind and Welcome Home, Sir  

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Reverse genetics, ok, but reverse shoplifting?

Most of us in the biomedical sciences will be familiar with the term coined “reverse genetics-” namely the use of DNA sequences to understand the function of a gene by testing for phenotypes. But how about “reverse shoplifting?!” I recently … Continue reading

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Vain in my veins

As part of my exhaustive (exhausting?) all-encompassing marketing of my two novels, “Welcome Home, Sir” and “Matter Over Mind,” I have undertaken a campaign to get my novels purchased and on the shelves of public libraries. Indeed, this is a … Continue reading

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My best Ph.D. prank

Looking back at 2011, my first year as a blogger and my new affiliation with OT, I find that I have written 96 blogs. That’s probably 96 more than most of you would care to read, so I may try … Continue reading

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