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The Circle Game

Over the last 6 weeks, 2 of my 6 graduate students have defended their dissertations and graduated–which brings me great joy in that they were each highly sought after and both will be heading to outstanding research labs of their … Continue reading

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America! It’s been a busy few weeks—or rather few months. Sister’s and families from Israel and Canada visiting, the adoption of Ginger (AKA Vi), two students who have defended their dissertations and graduated over the past 4 weeks, and a … Continue reading

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And I thought scientists were smart…

I don’t get it. Really. I just don’t understand. Early this morning, when the first of the 90-odd emails bounced into my inbox, I looked again with disbelief. Yes. Sorry. It’s OMICS again… Here it is: Dear Dr. Caplan, You … Continue reading

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Lab meeting III–me and my shadow

At the risk of going overboard on the subject of dogs, I find it necessary to post “Lab Meeting III”—because today is a historic occasion—the adoption of Ginger/AKA/Vi (Vizsla) from an animal shelter. Such a rare event that I did … Continue reading

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