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In defense of journal hierarchy

Plagued with an unbelievably busy schedule, I have been a mostly passive follower of the excellent dialog that has resulted from several outstanding blogs on the peer review system, many of them “high impact blogs” by my esteemed colleague, Dr. … Continue reading

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Educating children: balancing the need for instilling security with knowledge of evil

As I’ve probably noted too many times in these pages, I am an addicted bookworm, and always have been. The pages of my books have always been escape (albeit often to realities more difficult than my own), and in modern … Continue reading

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Deja vu

Science is all about repetition, but this kind of repetition, ad nauseum, I can do without. My name is Steve Caplan, I work on protein trafficking and ENDOCYTIC recycling. I have NOTHING to do with environmental recycling of waste, at … Continue reading

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It’s back to work for me, with new students to orient, grants to review, papers to write, seminars to deliver–in short, back to what I enjoy doing. But “back from what?” My family and I have been living in Omaha, … Continue reading

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