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We don’t need no education–at least not like this…

Anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe. Strictly speaking, this may not be true, as Jews have traditionally had a difficult time in the “old world,” to say the least. Why? Good question! Or is it? I recently came across … Continue reading

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The most important biomedical-science technology advance–do we have a consensus?

I’ve blogged in the past about the changing nature of the life-sciences, and about how today’s graduate students need to be “jacks of all trades.” As I’ve noted, in the past, graduate students were required to use fewer experimental systems, … Continue reading

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Thinking about science–what do I look for in a graduate student?

One of the questions that I was asked recently is “What do you look for in a graduate student?” Just as an aside, that vaguely reminds me of a film I saw some time ago where one character asks another … Continue reading

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Art and Science–take 2

Last evening I had a wonderfully unique opportunity to sample a complex mixture of art, science and creativity at the elegant Orpheum Theatre in Omaha (circa 1927)–in the form of modern dance! If you can spare just a few moments … Continue reading

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godless (yes, not goddess or goodness)

This is a post that has worked its way in my head to the top of the pile. It’s initiation was triggered by a cluster of stimuli, including discussions with friends. However watching the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) program … Continue reading

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