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Impressions from a Parallel Universe

Research and life have many things in common. In particular, it has always intrigued me that when following a line of research in the lab, we are constantly presented with branching points that make it imperative to make decisions about … Continue reading

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The Plot Thickens

Well yes, it’s true. The plot for my upcoming work-in-progress (AKA-barely started) novel is thickening. No, you read that right, not “sickening,” but “thickening.” But as this all begins to take shape, I find myself coming back from an adrenalin … Continue reading

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Reserving judgment

I would probably prefer to write another blog on the sense of entitlement that seems to be permeating through the ranks of today’s graduate students. However, unlike some pseudonym-wielding bloggers, who hide their identities behind closed doors in order to … Continue reading

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Winter cometh

The problem with being a scientist, and a cell biologist as such, is that everything reminds me of cellular organelles. These icicles remind me of the membrane bound tubules involved in endocytic recycling…

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…And so say all of us…and so say all…

My belated congrats–couldn’t resist joining in, although I was a latecomer. So a quick ramble: One day, I was minding my gap, when someone came up to me and said, “I have a confession—I was driving by the city limits … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year

Nearly every year I try to make my way to the American Society for Cell Biology meeting. This year, it’s surprisingly close to home, being held in Denver, Colorado. Recent years have seen it traditionally in San Francisco, San Diego … Continue reading

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