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Shulamit Aloni (1928-2014): The Death of a Giant

With great sadness I submit this short post on the recent death of one of my heroes: Shulamit Aloni. As an Israeli politician and winner of the Israel Prize for her life’s work, she is perhaps best known as a … Continue reading

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Critical Mass–a massive mystery and modicum of Lab Lit

Now that I have published “A Degree of Betrayal” and am officially a writer of a mystery novel–even if it is not purely a genre novel–I am actively devouring all types of mystery novels. So please, I welcome suggestions! I … Continue reading

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Open Access and the self-forming journal hierarchy

I recently posted a piece on Occam’ Corner explaining why I think instituting radical changes in science publishing should not be a major focus of scientists at this juncture. As those who have read the post will realize, my point … Continue reading

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