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Libraries, technology and e-books–go with the flow…

Libraries are becoming virtual, and there are some distinct advantages… Technology is changing the world, and libraries are picking up on the changes. As a long-time library patron, it has not been uncommon for me to head out to the … Continue reading

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More evidence for Lab Lit on the map!

A quick search of Google Scholar yielded some of my publications on Jenny’s Lab Lit site, in addition to the expected scientific papers. If that’s not a sign of Lab Lit on the map, then I don’t know what is! … Continue reading

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My fair book

Yesterday afternoon I participated in the Omaha Public Library’s annual author fair, featuring (mostly) local authors and their books. The highlight, of course, was my own table featuring the “new genre of Lab Lit” and my 3 modest contributions to … Continue reading

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Will the real Edinburgh please stand up?

In continuation of my recent blog about travels to Scandinavia, I will stay with the theme of northern Europe because I have recently listened to several audiobooks whose locale is firmly rooted in Edinburgh, Scotland. The books to which I … Continue reading

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Reverse genetics, ok, but reverse shoplifting?

Most of us in the biomedical sciences will be familiar with the term coined “reverse genetics-” namely the use of DNA sequences to understand the function of a gene by testing for phenotypes. But how about “reverse shoplifting?!” I recently … Continue reading

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An imposter with a pen—part two

Rather than respond one by one to all of the kind wishes and wise words in response to “Imposter with a pen”, I thought that I’d add a brief blog to let you all know that I “survived” the book … Continue reading

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