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The cairn as a symbol of mentorship

In the spirit of my previous blog on self-promotion, I forge on. Sometime this spring, I was nominated for a national award known as the Thomas Maciag Award, a National Institutes of Health sponsored award for a scientist who embodies … Continue reading

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How far will you go to self-promote?

At the risk of going overboard… At least it’s clear to me that I wasn’t going to be a supermodel…

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Should I buy a lottery ticket?

I’m not a gambler, but every once in a while a weird coincidence strikes–sometimes so weird that I wonder about my “luck,” and with such a rare and unusual event unfolding, whether it would be more likely for me to … Continue reading

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On my way to pick up some sushi and maki rolls from a nearby restaurant, I encountered this intriguing sign: So, as a scientist, I first thought “Why 21 pounds?” Why not 12, or 15, or 17 and 3/4? But … Continue reading

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Over the past week I have assumed position as “chair” of my departmental graduate and admissions committee a task that I am excited to carry out, but simultaneouly dreading. Given that our department has the largest number of graduate students … Continue reading

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