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It’s finally here, the “Book Launch” for my new novel, “Welcome Home, Sir,” published by Anaphora Literary Press! After the 13 year struggle for publishing “Matter Over Mind,” this time I seem to have done it with the speed of … Continue reading

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Playin’ Possum? Impossumble…

For some time now, I have been treading carefully when mowing the lawn (which is now no longer necessary despite our mild weather this year) and raking the leaves. The reason for this is that a mysterious creature had been … Continue reading

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Where the hell is regulation when it’s actually needed?!

Anyone with any relationship to science will tell you horror stories about bureaucracy and regulatory issues hindering science. One classic example of how ridiculously out-of-touch bureaucrats have become was described here by Jenny Rohn fairly recently, with rules mandating that … Continue reading

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Rational goals for science education

There were two events that conspired this past week to lead me to the topic of education–and particularly science education. The first was the unlikely event in which I actually watched television. Although we do have a small screen telly … Continue reading

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Transferance in performance jitters

Being in science since 1986–which would mean about a quarter of a century since I began to study in university–I have spent a lot of time learning to communicate, both in writing and orally. I’m not sure when I lost … Continue reading

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Truth Serum

Scientists have been given a bad reputation by being inherently literal. But there is a limit to the amount of bullsh*t that I am willing to hear without fighting back. I can recall having endless dead-ended conversations about “carbs” this … Continue reading

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Reading honeymoon

Having recently reported that my second and new lablit novel, “Welcome Home, Sir” will be coming out in the near future, and now in the process of deciding between two disparate options for the plot and characters of novel #3, … Continue reading

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