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Legacy 2012

Having just read poor Stephen’s “Year” I must admit that since Wed. I am not faring any better. My lymph nodes feel like coconuts, and my head feels as though someone keeps inflating balloons under my skin. I had hoped … Continue reading

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More on creative self-promotion…

Shameless. Simply shameless. But last chance for 2012…. Matter Over Mind and Welcome Home, Sir  

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Out of control

The tragic, premature and incomprehensible loss of so many young lives due to the horrific shootings recently in Connecticut are a blight on American society. Unfortunately, this is not a new thing, although the massacre of children so young may … Continue reading

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Reverse genetics, ok, but reverse shoplifting?

Most of us in the biomedical sciences will be familiar with the term coined “reverse genetics-” namely the use of DNA sequences to understand the function of a gene by testing for phenotypes. But how about “reverse shoplifting?!” I recently … Continue reading

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Frustrated, Flummoxed and (just plain) Fed-up

I am sick of the middle-east–or more accurately, the middle-east is making me sick. I have spent a good deal of my adult life actively defending the State of Israel; both by bearing arms in the military, and by serving … Continue reading

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First Aid and CPR for Hypochondriacs

When I heard the announcement, I knew that it was the right thing to do. How could it not be? What could be of more value, functionally and educationally, than doing a first aid + CPR course with my 10 … Continue reading

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