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Bad sports?

When we first moved to Omaha, Nebraska some years ago, and settled into our new house, it was a Friday. By Saturday noon, we had made an initial stab at organizing a few essential boxes, and wanted to relieve the … Continue reading

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I’d rather be blasting homeopathy…

Although Austin has been doing such a great job in this area, and Cath’s defrocking of “horror-scopes” made a nice contribution, I would like to get my own claws on this matter. But alas, sadly, I have my own agenda … Continue reading

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A working vacation

Some time ago, one of my children asked me to explain what an oxymoron is, and I scrambled to find a good example. Well the title of this blog is a good one. Or is it? Years ago as Ph.D. … Continue reading

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Regression to the “mean”

They say that Steve Caplan is a mild-mannered scientist. But he pops into a phone-booth–no wait–that’s a thing of the past–he pops into the darkroom, and out comes Dr. Mean… Well, I do have a temper. Perhaps it’s slow to … Continue reading

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The four Yorkshiremen at NIH…

I said it. It didn’t mean to slip out, but it did. Well, I can’t cap the genie back in the bottle, can I? So here it is: “When I was at the NIH…” When I was a young student, … Continue reading

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Which researcher is more likely to be “productive”?

We all have our own styles and ways of doing things. What do YOU think? Is it the “cluttered” bench, or the “pristine” bench. Both photos taken (as a good control) at the end of a working day…

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Cheating in science

When I was an undergraduate student in Jerusalem, I worked about as hard as humanly possible. We had a huge amount of “heavy” courses in the all-science ensemble, and they weren’t all that organized. For example, physical chemistry came before … Continue reading

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Addendum-(chess) If you think science is competitive…

Since joining OT, I have noticed that everyone has a specific “profile”, a style of writing and preferred topics. Readers come to know what to expect. They know that Cath’s blogs will often be hilarious, with a sharp eye for anything humorous. They know that Athene’s will always be deeply insightful, often related to women in science, and filled with wisdom that often has its comical twists.
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Hypochondriac humor

It took me years, but I can freely admit my hypochondriac tendencies today–certainly in a non-face-to-face-blog. But rather than elaborate on that topic, I would like to tell you about an interesting telephone call that I recently had. We are … Continue reading

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There is peer review, and then there is this…

Dear Dr. Steve Caplan It is because of good wishes and blessings of scientists, editorial board members and well wishers like you, the Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology has now got International reputation. With your support, Journal of … Continue reading

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