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Vain in my veins

As part of my exhaustive (exhausting?) all-encompassing marketing of my two novels, “Welcome Home, Sir” and “Matter Over Mind,” I have undertaken a campaign to get my novels purchased and on the shelves of public libraries. Indeed, this is a … Continue reading

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And for those serial denials, there’s always science…

A short time ago, I wasted some time watching excerpts from an interview of the Iranian president by Piers Morgan on CNN. Even the pause in answer due to the translations couldn’t mask the embarrassment that I felt watching the … Continue reading

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Keeping up appearances: I’ve been boto(x)-shopped!

It’s remarkable how hard it can be to keep up with the technology needed for success in science. It seems that almost weekly I am being forced to change software programs for manipulating DNA, proteins and so on. Part of … Continue reading

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