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An age-old question

Let me start out by saying “!#%%$#@!!–I’ve been scooped!” It’s bad enough that it happens in science, but for a blog? Having watched a good deal of news on the idiot box recently–something that happens every 3-4 years in our … Continue reading

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Is science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) the big winner of the US elections?!

Let me start off by offering my utmost congratulations to the statistician-bloggers who predicted the outcomes of the US elections with startling accuracy. The methodical and scientific approaches of using poll aggregates with statistical variables introduced in a wholly scientific … Continue reading

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Beyond Beleaf

No time to write a “real blog” what with the unbeleafable pileup to deal with in my yard. And I’m preoccupied with the US elections (see my Occam’s Corner blog tomorrow!). Hours of work, half way there: And finally done. … Continue reading

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