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Unconscious gender bias? What do I picture when I think of a scientist?

Recent years have seen a lot of discussion on the blogosphere on gender bias in science. There is no question that awareness is always the first step in heading for a solution. Do I have an unconscious bias against women … Continue reading

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It’s time to take responsibility – why the editor of The Lancet should resign

There are a lot of people, governments, and organizations who need to step up and take responsibility. But in this piece about taking responsibility, I call on Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet, the UK’s premier medical journal, to apologize … Continue reading

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Scientists: the same old villains and nerds

Villains and nerds – that’s what scientists are, if you believe the media. At least the “big screen.” Finding myself in a state of near exhaustion this past month, I’ve taken the opportunity to watch a few films on ‘Netflix.’ … Continue reading

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Has a career in science become a dog’s life?

Ginger, after retrieving a gazillion tennis balls on a beautiful Sunday morning. “A dog’s life?” Certainly a misnomer if I’ve ever heard one; at least for this dog, life is good. Adopted by a loving family, huge walks walks and … Continue reading

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And I thought scientists were smart…

I don’t get it. Really. I just don’t understand. Early this morning, when the first of the 90-odd emails bounced into my inbox, I looked again with disbelief. Yes. Sorry. It’s OMICS again… Here it is: Dear Dr. Caplan, You … Continue reading

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Are scientists becoming an endangered species? The way we live–now

What spurred me to put pen-to-paper, if that phrase has any remaining meaning, was reading about the recent proposals at the US National Institutes of Health to again revamp the grant review system. The previous revamp, just several years ago, … Continue reading

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More on scientists and creativity- “Art and Soup”

Time is flying by in a blur. I know this, because I have begun measuring time in blogs. Not “a few weeks ago,” but rather “a few blogs ago.” Yes, well a few blogs ago I brought up the issue … Continue reading

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Egocentric and Eccentric–scientists and politicians

Scientists are well known for the eccentricity. Bill Bryson’s wonderful book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” gives some wonderful accounts of the scientists whose seminal findings these past 400 years are the basis of modern science. As one example, … Continue reading

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Criminal leadership: a bad situation for citizens and scientists

Happy New Year to everyone. And while many countries celebrated the coming year, not in every country is the New Year based on the Gregorian Calendar. And not in every country was the New Year’s break a happy time. The … Continue reading

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The Age of Reason

Inevitably, it happens to us all. Some of us succumb quietly, with crow’s feet pulling on the corners of their eyes and ‘love handles’ attaching to our midsections. Others put up a valiant battle, sweating in the gym and avoiding … Continue reading

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