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It’s time to take responsibility – why the editor of The Lancet should resign

There are a lot of people, governments, and organizations who need to step up and take responsibility. But in this piece about taking responsibility, I call on Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet, the UK’s premier medical journal, to apologize … Continue reading

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Which oath? Hippocratic, hippocritic or hypochondriac?

This blog has been years in the making–possibly long before I had ever heard the term ‘blog.’ Spurred on by the recent series of blogs by Henry which have at least indirectly addressed the medical profession and the sensitive and … Continue reading

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Where the hell is regulation when it’s actually needed?!

Anyone with any relationship to science will tell you horror stories about bureaucracy and regulatory issues hindering science. One classic example of how ridiculously out-of-touch bureaucrats have become was described here by Jenny Rohn fairly recently, with rules mandating that … Continue reading

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