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New meanings for protein structures-combining art and science

I have been blogging on and off these past couple years about science and art, art and science. And all of the sudden I came across this phenomenal art form by Ph.D. student, Maja Klevanski, as depicted in a feature … Continue reading

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Ph.D. survival: is a jack of all trades a master of none?

Over the years science has changed a great deal. In just the last 50 years or so we’ve seen a major revolution in scientific research, due primarily to our understanding of DNA and ultimately how it codes for protein. But … Continue reading

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Our obsession with “metrics”

Okay- for my British colleagues, no worries, this will not be an attack on “the pint” and the value of the metric system (which unfortunately we have not adopted in the US). I will also stay away from the “metrics” … Continue reading

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