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Right on: the only museum dedicated entirely to human rights

Technology and hands-on exhibits make the Canadian Museum for Human Rights accessible for visitors of all ages When I last visited family in the city of Winnipeg, Canada, I had the opportunity to do a tour of the outside of … Continue reading

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Who the hell will tell me who my father really was?!

This angry question, uttered repeatedly by the protagonist of Bualem Sansal‘s courageous and thought-provoking novel, translated into English as “The German Mujahid,” has been permanently etched in my brain. The story follows the day-to-day chaos in the life of Malrich, … Continue reading

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Critical Mass–a massive mystery and modicum of Lab Lit

Now that I have published “A Degree of Betrayal” and am officially a writer of a mystery novel–even if it is not purely a genre novel–I am actively devouring all types of mystery novels. So please, I welcome suggestions! I … Continue reading

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Educating children: balancing the need for instilling security with knowledge of evil

As I’ve probably noted too many times in these pages, I am an addicted bookworm, and always have been. The pages of my books have always been escape (albeit often to realities more difficult than my own), and in modern … Continue reading

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“Anne Frank and Me”, Science and Humanity

I cried. Not just a lone tear running down my cheek, but a wet stream that went on and on, long after the actors took their final bows, and my daughter came down from the stage. The scene was the … Continue reading

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