A study of Ginger using live-image analysis

I have recently added a new title to my signature: that of director of our institute’s microscopy facility. One of my goals is to upgrade our capabilities and acquire a microscope capable of super-resolution; that is the ability to differentiate between particles that are as close as ~20 nm to one another–about 10 fold better than traditional light microscopy methods. I am very excited!

But here I’d like to demonstrate a classic live-image experiment carried out by my kids. Ginger is allowed on their beds, but not on the sofa in the living room.

Feel free to jump to 1 min 23 secs, to see when the action starts…

Hypothesis: Ginger naps on the sofa as well as the beds.

Methods: Live image analysis was used to monitor Ginger’s behavior.

Results: See for yourselves!

Conclusions: Dogs are smarter than humans.

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