Surfacing from the jungles of Central America

Following my 3rd trip to Central America in the last 10 years, and my second visit to Costa Rica, I have returned from the rain and cloud forests invigorated by the immense diversity of flora and fauna, with the spectacular colors of birds ingrained in my brain.
blue-crowned motmot(1)
One of my new favorite birds, the Blue-Crowned Motmot

Over the next few weeks as I sort through the hundreds of photos and try to match and classify the birds and other animals (I won’t even try with the flowers…), stay posted for some great photos of kingfishers, herons, a variety of hummingbirds, iguanas, coati and more! But for me the party is over and it’s back to reality.

About Steve Caplan

I am a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska where I mentor a group of students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers working on endocytic protein trafficking. My first lablit novel, "Matter Over Mind," is about a biomedical researcher seeking tenure and struggling to overcome the consequences of growing up with a parent suffering from bipolar disorder. Lablit novel #2, "Welcome Home, Sir," published by Anaphora Literary Press, deals with a hypochondriac principal investigator whose service in the army and post-traumatic stress disorder actually prepare him well for academic, but not personal success. Novel #3, "A Degree of Betrayal," is an academic murder mystery. "Saving One" is my most recent novel set at the National Institutes of Health. Now IN PRESS: Today's Curiosity is Tomorrow's Cure: The Case for Basic Biomedical Research (CRC PRESS, 2021). All views expressed are my own, of course--after all, I hate advertising.
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