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Lab Lit on the map!

A couple weeks ago I traveled to Purdue University to deliver 2 seminars. The first one, the “original invitation” was from the Dept. of Biology and was entitled “Lessons on the Biogenesis of Tubular Recycling Endosomes.” The second one, if … Continue reading

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After the storm

So it’s after the storm. I don’t mean a physical storm–of course I am referring to my recent experience in posting some thoughts on Prof. Stephen Hawking’s decision to join the boycott of Israel. From threatening personal emails to being … Continue reading

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New meanings for protein structures-combining art and science

I have been blogging on and off these past couple years about science and art, art and science. And all of the sudden I came across this phenomenal art form by Ph.D. student, Maja Klevanski, as depicted in a feature … Continue reading

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Art and Science–take 2

Last evening I had a wonderfully unique opportunity to sample a complex mixture of art, science and creativity at the elegant Orpheum Theatre in Omaha (circa 1927)–in the form of modern dance! If you can spare just a few moments … Continue reading

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More on scientists and creativity- “Art and Soup”

Time is flying by in a blur. I know this, because I have begun measuring time in blogs. Not “a few weeks ago,” but rather “a few blogs ago.” Yes, well a few blogs ago I brought up the issue … Continue reading

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