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Shulamit Aloni (1928-2014): The Death of a Giant

With great sadness I submit this short post on the recent death of one of my heroes: Shulamit Aloni. As an Israeli politician and winner of the Israel Prize for her life’s work, she is perhaps best known as a … Continue reading

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godless (yes, not goddess or goodness)

This is a post that has worked its way in my head to the top of the pile. It’s initiation was triggered by a cluster of stimuli, including discussions with friends. However watching the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) program … Continue reading

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My guilt from the sidelines

Like a moth drawn to the fire, I can’t stop myself. And I warn the reader that this blog doea not have anything directly to do with science, or life in science–although it does have to do with life. And … Continue reading

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