Costa Rica: Part 2- river adventures (“Don’t cross the river, if you can’t swim the tide…”)

No visit to Costa Rica would be complete without visiting the fascinating rivers than run through the luscious rain forests. However, there are a wide variety of river adventures, some of which I would warmly endorse, whereas others – well I will let you judge…
Me, on the rocks

ontherocks inset
If anyone thought I was having fun, think again. RPG, I go with a helmet, thin as a pancake, or not!

The real river experiences are achieved by “safari floats” or quiet and slow moving dinghies or boats that move down the river with a guide and allow time to enjoy and view the wildlife. On our previous trip to Costa Rica 8 years ago, when our daughter was about 7 years old, on the Cano Negro River near the border with Nicaragua, the guide showed her this cute little trick:


and then, presto!

This time, we floated down a different river. As demonstrated, this activity was more to my liking than the tubing…

Cute cayman

Quirky crocodile

Blue heron
Harried (blue) heron

attractive Amazon Kingfisher

These were but a few of the delightful inhabitants of the river.

river view
Remarkable river

Howler monkeys (too far away for good photos), beautiful flowers:

And miracles of miracles, we also saw the famous Jesus Christ Lizard (common basilisk), so named for his ability to scoot across the water, running rather than walking.

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