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My guilt from the sidelines

Like a moth drawn to the fire, I can’t stop myself. And I warn the reader that this blog doea not have anything directly to do with science, or life in science–although it does have to do with life. And … Continue reading

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Nicosia, there I went…

A short time ago Larnaca, Cyprus made the news for holding a large civilian wedding for multiple couples from Israel. I have already blogged about the discriminatory policy that a successful start-up country and high-tech power such as Israel has … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day: 100 years

Seeing as it’s now exactly almost 100 years since the first celebration of International Women’s Day, I thought it might be important to have some perspective on the equality of women in Israel, a country where I spent many important … Continue reading

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Translating words into action—trials of a male feminist

I have been sitting on the sidelines watching, reading and cheering (no, not cheerleading—let’s not get into that debate…) as I follow the blogs, commentaries, lectures and personal examples of wonderful women in science who are leaders of the movement … Continue reading

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