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UPDATED Linked into Vancouver science

As I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts, the interconnectedness of the (small and young but growing nicely) Vancouver science sector continues to amaze me. At most large work-related meetings and at every sciency social event I attend, I run … Continue reading

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Scooped – why I have a hard time getting on board with Open Science

Well, now that all the excitement‘s dying down (for now), I finally find myself with enough time and motivation to start writing a follow-up post to the inaugural Science Online Vancouver event, which I attended on a very rainy Thursday … Continue reading

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Because there’s no law saying that mundane objects have to be boring

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I have a team

Way back in May 2009, I described how being around a team of fellow grant wranglers from another department made me realise how much I miss being part of a team of peers. In my current job I’m really a team … Continue reading

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On having a heart and using my voice

I recently updated the photo on my UK drivers license, and had the new card sent to my parents’ address. They received it a few weeks ago and couriered it back to me (along with the original marriage certificate I’d … Continue reading

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Could this be…

…the most useless list of spellcheck suggestions of all time? (I’m sure a tamarind genome sequence is in the works, somewhere…) …the worst possible weather in which to be running around collecting grant signatures from PIs in three different buildings? … Continue reading

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Pacific surf, the coast by starlight, and the Cascades: San Diego to Vancouver by train

or: what you gain when you’re not too vain to deign to let the train take the main strain. As I said in my last post, a meeting with collaborators in La Jolla last week probably represented my last chance … Continue reading

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A change would do you good

My involvement in the municipal election a couple of weeks ago left me with a buzz of positive energy that inspired me to keep the momentum going and get out and do something constructive again as soon as possible. Luckily … Continue reading

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Things to do in ‘couver when you’re weird

These ads that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day confuse and frighten me: I hadn’t realised that breeding grotesquely oversized kittehs was A Thing in Vancouver… or maybe that’s just what happens when you buy breakthrough peptide-based treatments … Continue reading

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Scrutiny on the count, eh?

(Long post alert! Sorry!) Regular readers will know all about my passion for politics, a passion that was dampened only slightly by seven years of voteless pre-citizenship residence in Canada and that has ramped up again recently thanks to a … Continue reading

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